Call Out

Call Out was (as its name suggests) a public request launched via social media on Women’s Day 2017. The idea was to compile the names of writers, politicians, scientists, activists, revolutionaries, artists, and other women who have been (or continue to be) a source of inspiration for our audience’s mindsets, activities, and lives in general. The outcome was a list of the names of 1000 women, past and present. In an act of commemoration, Ingrid Metz-Neun read these aloud in alphabetical order. The public in Frankfurt and forty other German cities is familiar with her voice, since it is she who announces the bus, train, and tram stops on public transport. Call Out tore the voice out of its usual context and replaced the rhythm of the usual announcements with a homage to over 1000 women whom we encauntered in everyday life.


Call Out could be heard on two days: on 8 March in front of the Historical Museum in Frankfurt am Main and two days later on the occasion of the annual International Women’s Day reception held by the City of Frankfurt in the Römer (City Hall) on the Römerberg.


Concept: Elianna Renner

Academic Advisor: Rebekka Voß

Production Assistant: Julie Grothgar

Speaker: Ingrid Metz-Neun

Sound Technician: Sebastian Steer


The Historical Museum Frankfurt supported the art performance on 8 March 2017 inter alia in order to draw attention to its new special exhibition project marking one hundred years of women’s right to vote: “1918/19 – Frauen in die Politik!” (1918/19—Women Get Into Politics!). Like the recently launched Bertha Pappenheim app, this major centenary exhibition beginning in August 1918 will turn the spotlight on the women who fought for female suffrage and contributed to the constitution of the Weimar Republic.