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Die Vision

On International Women’s Day, 8 March 2017, a 20-minute audio installation, Die Vision, was played over four loudspeakers in front of the Historical Museum in Frankfurt am Main. Die Vision consists of a text collage drawn both from the eponymous short story penned by Bertha Pappenheim in 1930 and sung here by the sopranist Ingrid El Sigai and early-twentieth-century writings on women’s rights (newspaper reports, Pappenheim’s Denkzettel, etc.), the latter spoken here by the actresses Doris Enders and Daniela Vollhardt.


Concept: Elianna Renner

Academic Advisor: Rebekka Voß, Professor for Jewish History in Frankfurt

Production Assistant: Julie Grothgar

Voices: Ingrid El Sigai, Doris Enders, Daniela Vollhardt

Recording and Sound Technician: Theo Krieger