The Casting: Who was Bertha Pappenheim?

Friday, 30. September 2016, 19:00
Pop Up Boat of the Jewish Museum Frankfurt

The Tracking the Traffic project invited the citizens of Frankfurt to attend a live casting and slip into the role of Bertha Pappenheim. The casting turned the spotlight on this multi-talented Jewish activist, translator, manager, writer, chairwoman, politician, bridge-builder, patient, women’s rights campaigner, educationalist, social worker, agitator, lobbyist, teacher, traveler, founder, and grand dame, and brought to life, in several acts, the many ways in which Pappenheim (1859–1936) influenced the world around her, in her hometown Frankfurt and beyond.

Creative Directors:
Agathe Chion, Theater Director, Berlin
Elianna Renner, Artist, Bremen

Academic Advisor:
Rebekka Voß, Professor of Jewish History in Frankfurt

Production Assistant:
Julie Grothgar

Concept: Agathe Chion, Elianna Renner, Rebekka Voß

Creative Directors: Agathe Chion, Elianna Renner

Kerstin Grassmann
Felix Hück
Cédric Samson
Dorothea Förster
Katrin Lindig
Sonia Hausséguy
and the voice of Knut Berger

Lighting and Sound Technician: Marie Garcia

Illustrator: Anna Schilling

Set Designer: Conor Gilligan

Camera + Cut: Gabriel Wunderlich, Marcel Behrens